Italy, 0-30


It starts here
We don’t know 
How far they’ll get to go
Shall we just try to enjoy it?
It’s always difficult
So much expectation

Preparation has been spot on
Conditions not quite as bad 
As we feared they might be
Its cutting up a little bit
Goodness that was close
And it rippled, not bulged

No excuses, no regrets
The third: no fear
There’s lots of flexibility
Good work again
The boys said it
And everyone seems to trust him

Don’t commit yourself too early
We want to be on the front foot
Started well, no dramas
The heir apparent
When he finally does call it a day
They’ll be big shoes to fill

I’ve seen them given 
Be disciplined 
Stay with runners
So much for the heat 
Of the tropical forest

He was casual in giving it away
He was careless
He managed to control it
Just at the moment they seem 
To be doing a lot of chasing
We’ve been talking to them 

Over the last couple of days
So many of them 
It’s overwhelming
It never ceases to amaze me
He can do that, I’ve seen him 
Do that over the years

Where the space is
They’re not hurting us 
At the moment must have wobbled
Must have dipped
Must have swerved, the positions
Are causing us problems


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