I’m awake down here


I’m awake down here while you sleep
The house is slow growing warm
Our floorboards tick as the birdsong fades
Dust swims in the currents I’ve formed

I’m moving as you rise from the deep
The radio laps on the block
Coffee grows strong in the heart of the stove
And I have one eye on the clock

As you drift from then into now
In the hour before you will rise
The sun still boils the dew from the lawn
As I work through my exercise

Today is approaching you now
My shortly snatched shower runs dry
A chattering tumbles its way down the stairs
A cough, a shout, a cry

The coffee cools down alongside
The radio talking unheard
Whilst I’m upstairs lifting you in my arms
The future once more deferred

One day I will not be waiting
As night ends and you drift ashore
But the wood will still glow with the warmth of the sun
And the dust will still move like before


We Have Nothing


We have nothing to love but love itself
We have nothing to lose but loss itself
We have nothing to hate but hate itself
We have nothing to dread but dread itself

We have nothing to choose but choice itself
We have nothing to profit but profit itself
We have nothing to need but need itself
We have nothing to change but change itself

We have nothing to desire but desire itself
We have nothing to fight but the fight itself
We have nothing to chase but the chase itself
We have nothing to resist but resistance itself

We have nothing to grieve for but grief itself
We have nothing to end but the end itself
We have nothing to live for but life itself
We have nothing to breathe but breath itself

Uruguay 52-95


That’s unlucky, a good chance
It’s a good stop, a good stop
A pretty honest effort to connect
With a searching cross, two decent crosses
He does catch him on his heel
To be fair

Of course, he wants to go for it
Got to try, to make it across the ground
They’ve finally arrived
Just off his weaker side
It’s not quite so clinical
I thought he said

He wasn’t going to take any interest
It wouldn’t be worth watching
Without him, both feet very close
A miscue, again
Just a bit of precision lacking
It’s a decent surface

It’s certainly good enough
They watered it as well
It just got away from him
Momentarily, again
It’s just a little wayward
He’s got to the dangerous side

How much juice is there left
In the tank, he’s going
To get the same again
Trying to tuck it in
He goes down
It’s certainly not there

He was desperate to get it out
Looking for someone else
His knee, right in the forehead
A nasty one, no consolation
Right in the face
He went past one or two

He read that second one very well
Like a punch drunk boxer
The doctor doesn’t want him to continue
And its easy to see why
If you’ve lost consciousness
For a second or two

Crisp into the path
It’s an awkward one, at full stretch
A very, very forceful challenge
Surprised he hasn’t been penalised
He’s getting some joy now
Interesting to see which way

He’s going to go
Shaping up a little bit
The right idea, carrying a threat again
They need to
It’s the right idea
You can forgive that

To live with that
Just get on with it
He wants to be in the hub of it
The thick of it
In there
It’s not as low as I thought it was

Need to force the issue
They are the dangerous overachievers
It’s a tremendous run, got to be
An end product
Trying to quicken it
Sometimes you’ve got to let him

Have hold of it
Just drop back
The last ten minutes
Now he’s got twenty
Into the midriff of heart
You could put that in there

Someone’s got to take a chance
Didn’t quite get the job done
Somehow he’s forced it forward
He’s found a way out, did really well
Just get into that space
It could make the world of difference

The obsession makes an impression
He had to work very hard to get it
But then you’ve got to get there
Down he goes
Nothing doing
More in hope than expectation

A little snapshot
A changed man
And that’s a little snapshot out of nothing
All of a sudden he finds the target
You’ve got to get yourself
Into a good position

Expect it to arrive
Is everyone alright at home
It’s quite a ride, isn’t it?
Is there another one to come
There have always been hiccoughs
Knock it away

Deal with it
Everyone’s got a job to do
Just a little desperate
Understandable, but desperate
He’s quick across the ground
For a big man

He’s still out there
Drifted out to the left
A little bit more, clipped
Rather than fired it
Like a shot
On the verge again

Out of absolutely nothing
Why is he hoping for that
Expecting that
There was no danger there
He somehow regained
His balance

They’re running out of time
How he would love to plot
Something now, a big disappointment
Still felt there was more there for them
Something’s got to drop for them
Why always them?

He looks close to tears, hearts forward
He’s made the difference
There hasn’t been a great deal to choose
Down and nearly out, the devil they know
From nothing, more scientific
It’s all about those two