I’m awake down here


I’m awake down here while you sleep
The house is slow growing warm
Our floorboards tick as the birdsong fades
Dust swims in the currents I’ve formed

I’m moving as you rise from the deep
The radio laps on the block
Coffee grows strong in the heart of the stove
And I have one eye on the clock

As you drift from then into now
In the hour before you will rise
The sun still boils the dew from the lawn
As I work through my exercise

Today is approaching you now
My shortly snatched shower runs dry
A chattering tumbles its way down the stairs
A cough, a shout, a cry

The coffee cools down alongside
The radio talking unheard
Whilst I’m upstairs lifting you in my arms
The future once more deferred

One day I will not be waiting
As night ends and you drift ashore
But the wood will still glow with the warmth of the sun
And the dust will still move like before


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