A Gorey Alphabet of Disappointing Lives


For Edward Gorey

A is for Aldred who’s manner was unctuous
B is for Boris who was fired from a circus
C is for Carla who disowned her mum
D is for Donna stuck under the thumb
E is for Ernest bedbound and distressed
F is for Francis who’s head was a mess
G is for Gustav who never quite got it
H is for Harriet who just couldn’t stop it
I is for Iris who had a great fall
J is for Johnnie alone through it all
K is for Klaatu aloof and unloved
L is for Larry who needed a shove
M is for Maurice who never left home
N is for Noah adrift on the foam
O is for Otis gazing out to the sea
P is for Petra who never felt free
Q is for Quentin whose blood had impurities
R is for Rob caught by bookstore security
S is for Sheila who dried on first night
T is for Terrance afraid of the light
U is for Ulysses wandering round and round town
V is for Vivienne always wearing a frown
W is for Wendy stuck out on a limb
X is for Xavier who mistrusted his whims
Y is for Yootha who’s moods were renowned
Z is for Zebedee who’s spring had run down